My name is Felicia.

I'm an actor/singer/model named after my Italian grandmother who immigrated to the United States after surviving WWII. My Nana was radiant, kind, and honest to her core. She was the woman who managed to touch almost everyone's heart in the city of Pittsburgh, the place where she immigrated to and where I'm from. Growing up, after Christmas Eve dinners, Nana would sneak me an extra cookie and I'd sing and dance for my family year after year. It was there, seeing her beam back at me with a smile, where I first learned that art can be love. And love can be the producer of art.

My relationship with my grandmother - with love and bravery - is so much a part of who I am, and the spirit that guides me when I work. 

Me as an actor.

My sweet spot is playing head-and-heart strong characters. I come to the table with emotional integrity and a sharp mind, and I see that reflected in stories like Maid (Margaret Qualley) and Downton Abbey (Jessica Brown Findlay). 

I'm passionate about seeing and bringing my own, dimensional self to the characters I watch and play, and at the same time, I'm interested in exploring characters who are very different from me, finding them in their physicality and voice.

Work that is emotional, psychological, and artfully crafted is what excites me the most. Let's talk about Aronofsky's Mother!, Sunday In The Park With George, or the film I made in my last year at Boston University.

And although I love to escape into dramatic material when I act, you're likely to find me trying to make my brother laugh, soaking up the sun on a jog, or swooning over my cat Herman on a regular day.