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My name is Felicia.

I'm an actor/singer/model named after my Italian grandmother who survived World War II, and immigrated to the United States. My Nana was radiant, kind, and honest to her core. She was the essence of Christmas Eve, the woman who brought people together. Growing up, it was during Christmas Eve dinners at Nana's house, wrapped up in the fragrance of pasta and seafood, where I entertained my family and learned that love can be art. And art can produce love. 

A chat with a crew member on set; meeting a little girl from the audience after curtain call; being in flow with my scene partner...In moments like these, I'm suddenly brought back to what makes me feel most alive and most true: when art and love become one. 

Me as an actor.

My sweet spot is playing head-and-heart strong characters. I see myself when I watch stories like Maid (Margaret Qualley), The Souvenir (Honor Swinton Byrne) and The Great (Elle Fanning).

I’m interested in work that is heartfelt, smart, and even dark, about people who are in the middle of facing the greatest uncertainty of their lives. The hero's journey. And I see myself as a versatile artist, passionate about doing this across genres, mediums, and time periods.