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My name is Felicia.

I'm an NYC actress, vocalist, and model named after my Italian grandmother who immigrated to the States after surviving WWII. My Nana was radiant, kind, and honest to her core. She was the woman who touched seemingly everyone's heart in the city of Pittsburgh, the place where I'm from and the place she started a new life in. 

Growing up after Christmas Eve dinners, Nana would sneak me an extra cookie and encourage me to get up and sing for our family. I did, and year after year, my entertaining became part of my family's Christmas Eve tradition. It was there in Nana's living room, seeing her beam back at me with a smile, where I first learned that art can be love. And love can be the producer of art. 

My grandmother is so much a part of who I am, and though she is no longer with us, she is the spirit that guides me every day, and every time I work.

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